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A Thai Green Coffee Story

The coffee from Siam Clay has a story of its own, rich in culture and lovingly folded into each cup. Be your order a hot pour of espresso or a sweet Thai treat, we hope you enjoy each sip and the sentiments engrained within. Our beans are imported from the best, a community farm we know and trust. Thai Green Coffee was founded by Pakorn T. in 2011. He navigated through an early career in technology and withstood a flood of natural disaster, persevering until he found his true calling in the coffee bean business. According to Pakorn, his mission aligns with the spirit of the middle path, King Bhumibol’s philosophy of abundance and sustainable economic practices. That path would spur the growth of a community farm and ultimately take Pakorn’s coffee beans across the globe. The original coffee tree planted by Pakorn’s hand would root in Wang Nam Khiao and grow in clean air and optimal soil conditions, as per his utmost intentions. The reputation of the plants that would follow earned a World Class Premium Quality Arabica coffee bean award in 2018. From planning and planting, to harvesting, roasting and packaging, each step is carefully crafted and monitored for excellence. Pakorn’s work can now be found in flavorful, rich, roasted coffee beans and skin care products made with the natural, antioxidant boosting, golden ingredient. Learn more at

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