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Bring life to your dining table | The sacred space where your closest family and friends

Bring life to your dining table. The sacred space where your closest family and friends will gather this season deserves to be thoughtfully curated and cherished. Create the perfect living centerpiece this season by incorporating potted plants, like a string of hearts or pearls, or an elephant bush. Make a larger statement piece your focal point or arrange a few smaller pots to balance along pops of color and theme. Select the colors that best suit your home and spirits. Perhaps deep velvet reds and brunt orange hues in florals or leaves, adorn with pumpkins, acorns and pinecones for a rustic, natural look. Or seek out pieces with hints of blue and gold. For something more refined, stick to flowers, candles and symbolic home décor among your plants. The surrounding notes can always be changed from month to month. All the while your plant elements can remain, growing and breathing new life toward a new year. (**Be conscious of living and light conditions, sure to place sunlight hungry species near a window during peak hours to help encourage their growth and vitality). By having a rooted centerpiece at your table and including those pieces in your sights and intentions, may you help manifest longevity and good health in the present and coming year.

Browse our plant and pottery selection as well as our dishware and home décor as you piece together something unique for your home. Shop in person or online. Plant professionals can help you prepare to care for your potted pieces in the long term and give input on ideal pairings too. We hope that at Siam Clay, we’ll have a little bit of everything that can come together to create a memorable spread as you gather with your loved ones once again.

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