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🪴How to pick the perfect plant pot for your plants.🎶

The joys of gardening come in many forms. From traditional planting containers like clay or ceramic pots, to more convenient alternatives such as plastic ones; it is always important that you find what works best for your needs when starting out on this wonderful journey!

The pros and cons of clay versus ceramic vs plastic pots will be explored in this article. We're going to explore all three so you can make an informed decision!

❇️ Clay pot

Clay pots are made from and clay molded into various shapes then are fired in a kiln to cure them. Clay pots have been popular for a very long time. Currently, clay pots have been developed in various shapes to look better and be more durable.

😄 Pros: Simple, yet sophisticated designs are the current trend in landscaping. The pot has pores throughout it so that soil moisture can easily transfer from top to bottom and provide good air circulation for root growth with the upper as well as lower regions having equal humidity levels.

😓 Cons: These pots are fragile and need regular cleaning or they will develop stains from algae or salt after a long period of time.

❇️ Ceramic Pot

Ceramic glazed pots are a clay vessel that has been treated with another layer of coating to give it extra beauty. The different designs and shapes make them perfect for decorative planting, or if you want your home decorating look good in any corner!

😄 Pro: Ceramic pots are beautiful, good-looking and have an outer surface that makes them easy to clean. They can also retain water so you don't need frequent watering!

😓 Cons: These pots are more expensive, heavier and fragile. They make it difficult for air to enter the container which leads with reduced humidity levels as in the bottom so unevenness can occur in terms of moisture content inside the potting soil itself. They do however have one-way drainage through a small hole in the bottom where water will seep out easily without any trouble whatsoever!

❇️ Plastic pot

The plastic pots are an easy-to-use material that can be taken anywhere without taking up too much space. It's lightweight, durable and strong enough for any task!

😄 Pros: Plastic pots are lightweight, in-expensive, easier to move around, waterproof, and have many color options.

😓 Cons: Plastic pots insulant the soil and can overheat the roots on hot days due to poor air circulation.

📌 In conclusion, different types of pots serve different needs so choose based on what makes the most sense for your plant’s situation. At Siam Clay we offer clay and ceramic pots from Thailand. Our clay pots are from Dan Kwian pottery village which is known throughout Thailand for its beautiful clay pot industry. Hope this article was helpful to you in making a decision on what type of pot to use!💚

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