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Make your own, eco-friendly, mini holiday tree

While Siam Clay doesn’t sell full-sized, fresh cut Christmas trees, we like to lean on something a little more “green”. Potted plants will outlive the winter solstice and can still be delicately decorated with some of your favorite touches. Follow our fun and creative suggestions to deck the halls of even the smallest, coziest spaces with a different kind of tree this season.

- A string of lights in a windowsill, snaking around pots or up through a few strong chutes

- Try using a small trellis to give the plant strength

- Tie small ribbons or hang light, miniature ornaments from the sturdier parts of the plant

- Use a festively colored tablecloth or scarf to accessorize beneath the pot

- Consider a holiday themed planter to really characterize the season

- Create a designated area around your plants to place cards and small gifts

- Try handmade crafts and ornaments to help lighten the load on your branches

- Still craving fir fragrances? Try a diffuser with essential oils or candles.

Wall tree image courtesy of pinterest and

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