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🐶🐱 Pet Friendly House Plants🪴

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

We all know how much our furry friends love us, but what you might not have known is that some plants can be really dangerous to them. Many common householdplants are toxic in large quantities and will cause your pet pain or even death if ingested! The list of unsafe species includes Milkweed (which causes wheezing), Poinsettia(jaundice)and Coral Vine/Everywhere Plant aka Blepharis Crypt happily ever after plant which leads me into my next point. If you own a dog or cat, it is likely that they will eventually try to eat one of your houseplants. It might not always be the worst thing in their world but there are some plants which can cause harm if ingested so we reached out for advice on what kind would make sure our four legged friends stay safe!

A list with some great suggestions for your home can be found below!

1. Rattlesnake Plant

2. Spider Plant

3. Parlor Palm

4. Calathea Orbifolia

5. Ponytail Palm

6. (Certain) Succulents

7. African Violet

8. Bird’s Nest Fern

9. Gloxinia

10. Venus Flytrap

11. Boston Fern

12. Polka Dot Plant

13. Watermelon Peperomia

14. Orchid

15. Staghorn Fern

16. Bromeliad

17. Baby Tears

18. Friendship Plant

19. Date Palm

20. Herbs

21. Prayer Plant


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Kirkland , WA

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