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The benefits of plants

Whether you are looking to liven up your home, office or small business, there are so many benefits to incorporating plants. Everything from physical health and improving living conditions within your walls to managing stress and healing elements. Even just sprucing up your space and awing your friends and family. There’s no reason not to add plants to your list this season.

Overall wellness is often top of the list, as plants can lower anxiety and reduce stress. It’s proven even more beneficial for those in dark winter regions such as the Pacific Northwest. Research also attributes higher levels of concentration and productivity. Go green!

Healthy room and body. It is simple science that plants reduce cardon dioxide and produce oxygen. While they harbor the ability to clean the air around you, it has also been suggested that they can help reduce the risk and affects of colds, diseases and high blood pressure.

Plants are an excellent, natural means of improving the humidity in your home. Thanks to the moisture their leaves produce, you will find lasting relief to the drying affects of the season.

Therapeutic benefits are abundant when working with soil and living plants. Reducing the affects of trauma and engaging one’s nurturing side is an invaluable tool this year.

Expand your skill set and attentiveness. By keeping tabs on your plants needs including regular watering, growth habits, light and soil conditions, you will also nurture the inner caregiver within you and grow the muscle of your own green thumb.

Aesthetic is always improved when you introduce plants in your space. Bring life, color and shape to any corner of your life. Guests will marvel at your green thumb, and you will always have a leafy friend close by for good company.

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